Peggy D. (Charlotte, NC)

“A friend recommended that I go see Jamie for the weight loss program. I was skeptical at first, but I was very frustrated with my weight so I made an appointment. I was really impressed with how relaxed the appointment was. It was more like talking to a friend than a medical professional. We discussed my weight and medical history and I expressed to her my frustrations about my increasing weight. I felt like I was doing everything that I was suppose to, but yet I was still gaining weight. Jamie recommended a diet plan that was realistic and prescribed me an appetite suppressant. I lost 13lbs in the first month and have lost a total of 34lbs over the past 4 months. I now recommend this program to all of my friends and family that are struggling with their weight.”

- Peggy D. (Charlotte, NC)

Amanda W. (Kannapolis, NC)

“I have always been an athletic person and never seemed to have issues with my weight, until I became pregnant with my first child. I was placed on best rest at 30weeks pregnant due to high blood pressure and for 9 weeks I did nothing but eat, sleep, and rest. After I had my son in October 2008, it was very difficult for me to get motivated to start working out again.

I first saw Jamie in February 2010 after a co-worker recommended that I schedule an appointment.  At my first appointment I was shocked when the scale said I weighed 227lbs, but that’s not all. My blood pressure was also very elevated due to my weight gain. Needless to say, I was extremely depressed before the appointment ever began. Jamie gave me a diet and exercise plan to follow, and we also decided that I use the HCG injections. Although, I was not able to use an appetite suppressant until my blood pressure was under control, Jamie reassured me that with her support and plan for me, I would regain my motivation to be healthy and fit.

The first month I lost 14lbs and even though my blood pressure was stable, I decided to continue the program without the appetite suppressants. The support from Jamie and having someone to help keep me motivated was all I needed. A little over a year later, I now weight 143lbs which is a total loss of 84lbs. I am so grateful to Jamie and her staff for there help and support in my weight loss journey.”

- Amanda W. (Kannapolis, NC)

Alisha S. (Salisbury, NC)

“I decided to see Jamie after my fiancée left for basic training. He was going to be gone for 12 weeks and our wedding was planned for when he returned. We were not going to see each other prior to our wedding day so I wanted to surprise him by looking the best he’d ever seen me. I saw Jamie 3 times in those 12 weeks and lost a total of 32lbs. I obviously had to have my dress altered 3 days prior to my wedding, but it was well worth it. I felt the most beautiful that I had ever felt in my entire life. My fiancée/husband was so surprised when he saw me walking down the isle. He could not stop smiling and telling me how amazing I looked through the entire wedding. I am so thankful to Jamie for helping me make my wedding day the best day of my life. Jamie new my goal and gave me a strict diet plan to follow. She new that I did not have much time before my wedding date, so she really pushed me and motivated me to work hard. My starting weight was 156lbs and on my wedding day I weighed 124lbs.”

- Alisha S. (Salisbury, NC)

Jason F. (Concord, NC)

“I am a construction worker and I commute to job sites on a truck with 4 other men. It is hard for me to follow diets because we eat out for breakfast and lunch everyday, usually at fast food restaurants. I decided to see Jamie Taylor when my wife started complaining about my weight. I don’t like going to the doctor or discussing my health with other people, so I was pretty nervous. To my surprise, I felt really comfortable at Jamie’s office. Her staff is very friendly and the office visit was very laid back and casual. Jamie prescribed me a medication to help control my appetite and cravings. She also gave me a nutrition booklet with different fast food restaurants to help me make better choices when eating out. I was really surprised at how fast I started losing weight. I didn’t really have to exercise because my job is nothing but exercise. All I needed was to change my eating habits and eat less. My fast food nutrition booklet stays in my work truck and all of the men in my crew use it too.  Now, I am 46lbs lighter and my wife is much happier. I would recommend to anyone overweight, that they schedule an appointment with Jamie. She really helped me get my horrible eating habits under control.”

- Jason F. (Concord, NC)